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        1. 北京开运联合软件外包:承接软件开发,人才外派,项目定制
          You can also contact us at:
          BusinessQ Q:2594782
          Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Si Hui Ling Ke Business Park Wan Guo pawn 3rd Floor 331
          Typical case
          ?Beijing Creatunion Software Outsourcing - Cooperation Process

          ?Beijing Creatunion Software Outsourcing -About Us

          Beijing Creatunion since its inception in 2004, before and after the Beijing Aerospace Measurement and Control, Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, China Railway Signal&Communition Corp, China Poly Group Corporation, China's Sinotrans Group ,China State Construction Group, China ITS (Holdings) Co.,Ltd, government agencies, did a soft Pieces of outsourcing, have been customers. Details can visit the company's network Station: http://www.5498t.com.

          With many years of project experience and outstanding team, development projects are: Flex Crystal Reports systems, massive data analysis engine, EXT automatically generate reports Module, E-PAPER electronic newspaper software platform, customized workflow engine,Sm@rt CRM system, three-dimensional simulation system engine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and video transmission in Video on demand project, the administrative examination and approval system, the internal OA system maintenance, and personnel systems Development, monitoring system development and deployment, asset management, systems development, GIS system resources System development, maize genetic analysis systems, automotive scheduling systems, warehouse control systems, Group Website, e-ticket system, customized software development to meet customer Household needs.

          ?Beijing Creatunion Software Outsourcing - Our advantage

          ?Beijing Creatunion Software Outsourcing - Our philosophy and views

          ?Beijing Creatunion Software Outsourcing - Typical customers


          National Ministry of Foreign Affairs Project:
          Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the national foreign affairs department, need to understand the real-time television around the world, the latest official reports, the need for the Foreign Ministry building in accordance with the permissions of the different departments of the carousel and on-demand video, and video store, Creatunion with the Taiji Computer Corporation cooperation, as a software developer involved in this project, the successful completion of development tasks assigned by the Party.
          The project involves software: SGi large storage devices, Minerva video transmission equipment, video HFC video codec.


          Cultural Heritage Project:
          As the Beijing Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau of Cultural Relics Bureau-level units, has been charged with the Beijing Cultural Relics of the construction and management of Creatunion since 2005, began to cooperate with the Administration of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Heritage is responsible for administrative examination and approval system, the internal OA system maintenance, and personnel systems development, monitoring system development and deployment, asset management, systems development, GIS system development, and so on system resources.

          Commission project:

          With Beijing Economic Information Center of Development and Reform Commission began an internal process to establish cooperation office system, under the jurisdiction of the Beijing Municipal Information Center to manage multiple work commissioned Bureau of Information Technology, manages the city's 27 commissioned Bureau of e-government system, Creatunion with the Beijing Municipal Information Center to establish its internal workflow construction.

          Beijing Science Park, Changping District, OA outsourcing projects:
          Beijing Science Park, Changping District, OA portal system, is designed to create synergies, Changping District Office e-government e-government information platform, is still stable use, access by users.

          China Sinotrans Group:
          Sinotrans Group is the central large-scale logistics enterprises, we are involved in warehousing and logistics management systems, vehicle scheduling systems, warehouse control system development cooperation, there are still project cooperation.

          China Railway Signal&Communition Corp:
          We are involved with through cooperation within the Group No. OA system, the electronic newspaper system, the Group Website, e-ticket system development.

          China Poly Group Corporation:
          China Poly Group to undertake site, its companies, research centers, some military defense project system is still ongoing in-depth cooperation, as described in classified inconvenience.

          Beijing seed companies:
          Made in 2010, the company's corn seed gene analysis system, Analysis of nearly 200 kinds of domestic corn genetic analysis map.

          Beijing Aerospace Measurement and Control:
          Cooperation withBeijing Aerospace Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd past three years, to undertake projects in a number of aerospace industry, involving No.8 Shenzhou, No.9 Shenzhou, Temple, the Second Artillery Corps and other classified projects, as described in detail classified inconvenience.

          China ITS (Holdings) Co.,Ltd(CIC):
          Creatunion as long-term outsourcing partner of CIC, not only for its own systems development: Project management systems, internal OA system, custom development within the ERP system;
          It also involves a series of co-operation of its subways, highways, rail systems field development project, which involves the project are:
          Metro e-ticket systems;
          Highway toll collection system;
          Management system for railway communications equipment;
          Subway video surveillance system.